LAST Stylus Cleaner Instructions

We recommend that you clean the stylus before each play or anytime you hear distortion or mis-tracking.


1. Uncap the STYLUS CLEANER bottle.

2. Gently apply the STYLUS CLEANER to the stylus tip using the applicator brush that is built into the cap top. The brush is very soft and will conform to the shape of the cantilever tube and stylus tip. Always start at the point where the cantilever tube enters the cartridge body and sweep the brush towards the stylus tip.

3. Two or three brush strokes are normally all that is necessary to clean dust and debris off the stylus tube and tip assembly, but a debris build-up may require more work.

4. If there is a build-up of puffy powder on the stylus tip repeat the above application.

5. Recap the STYLUS CLEANER bottle to prevent loss or evaporation.

Following cleaning, we recommend using STYLAST™, STYLUS TREATMENT for extending the stylus life and improve tracking ability.

Note: Please keep Stylus Cleaner, STYLAST™, and all other record and stylus care products away from children.