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Is it normal for the stylast brush to feel dry?

Dear Sirs,

If you pull the applicator brush from the bottle out, I’ve noticed that there is practically no STYLUS TREATMENT material on the applicator brush (I mean, material is no visible one the brush or the material evaporates too fast from the brush, in contrast with STYLUS CLEANER that is visible on the brush). I’d like to ask only if everything is OK and it should be so. I have doubts if there is enough STYLUS TREATMENT material on the brush and then on the needle (in the aftermath of this).


Dear Mr. M,

Regarding the no visible sign of the STYLAST on the applicator brush, that is as it should be. STYLAST is a completely different chemistry, and only a very tiny mount covers the diamond top. When applied, or on the applicator brush, the amount of treatment is all but invisible.

The STYLAST fluid is a combination of active chemicals suspended in a carrier fluid. The carrier fluid dries very fast, so your brush may seem to dry quickly. But the active chemicals are still sitting on the brush, and it’s those that get applied to the diamond tip. You do not need very much fluid (and the accompanying chemicals) on the brush to accomplish this task. That is why we have a wiper cone inside the bottle, to remove the excess fluid from the brush as you remove it. A benefit of not using very much fluid per application is that your bottle will last a long time.

With Best Regards,
Walter Davies and Christine McCall