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I live in Australia. How do I buy your product?

Can you deliver to Australia if I buy it from the USA? I live in the USA but want it sent to my college in Australia. S.D

Thank you for your interest in our Record Cleaner.  I’m sorry, but we have an exclusive distributor there and will be unable to fulfill your order.  Please contact:


1409 Neerim East Road
Neerim Victoria 3831 Australia

(61)(0)3 56 284 428
(61)(0)3 56 284 113

I know they will be able to help you with your order!

~Nicky @ LAST

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I’m in the UK. How can I get your products?

My question is if you sell this product in the UK.
If I try to buy it I must go directly to USA, but its very difficult, I don’t know why and it’s very expensive by shipping.
Thank you for your interest, J.R.S.
Please forgive this late response.  I am going to provide two contacts in the UK.  The first one is: Analogue Seduction, The Manor House-Manor View, Whittlesey Peterborough, Cambridge, UK  PE7 1TF  Our contact is Gary Penska, Tel: 44 (0) 1733 350 878, Email:        Analogue Seduction is a dealer in the UK

The second contact is our Distributor in the UK.  Because their role is distribution (rather than retail sales) they may not be able to help.  The firm is: BRITISH AUDIO PRODUCTS, 10 Dane Lane, Wilstead; Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK MK45 3HT  Our contact is: Michael Harris, E-mail:,  Tel: 44 (1) 234 741 152.

I hope that you are able to make a connection with one of these contacts.

Best of Luck,

Walter D. @ LAST