Pneumatic control for applicator machine

The LAST Factory was founded in 1979 in Livermore California, by three scientists who were interested in preserving their own record collections. They set out to understand the underlying causes of vinyl record wear. Exhaustive research led to record cleaners and preservatives that prevented damage to the vinyl records in their own collections. They then built their own production equipment to mix and bottle the various products to very high quality standards.  After 37 years, the LAST Record Preservative,continues to receive wide acclaim in the audio industry. 

With ongoing research, the LAST product family has grown to include products that are designed to increase the life of all kinds of acoustical and video media, from reel-to-reel tapes to CDS and DVDS. LAST preservatives help individuals, institutions, and the recording and broadcast industries to save and protect their vast libraries of recorded information. 

HeadquartersStylus care for a turntable at The Last Factory

The LAST Factory
2011 Research Drive
Livermore, CA 94550-3803
Phone: (925) 449-9449

Walter Davies
Walter Davies

About Walter Davies

Walter is the remaining scientist and owner of the LAST Factory. He prefers the old-school approach, making all the cleaning and preservative solutions himself, by hand. His laboratory is fascinating – some equipment is powered only by pneumatics, and use clockwork gears and gauges to run. Walter loves all forms of old media, and is an avid vinyl record collector. He also loves photography, and develops platinum prints from his antique camera.