LAST Record Care Kit


Clean your vinyl records and stylus with the affordable LAST Record Care Kit.

This attractive leatherette box contains both LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner and LAST Stylus Cleaner.

  • LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner is safe for all LPs, 45s, and 78s, including shellac and styrene. It leaves absolutely no residue and requires only three drops on the applicator for each side of the record. The 2 oz bottle will clean hundreds of records.
  • LAST Stylus Cleaner safely removes even the toughest deposits from the stylus. A clean stylus protects your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip, and eliminates noise and distortion caused by those deposits. It is safe for all cartridge assemblies.

Our kit is packaged in a vintage leatherette box, which makes a great gift to your favorite vinyl lover!


LAST Record Care Kit – a complete cleaning kit for vinyl records and styli.

LAST Stylus Cleaner safely removes accumulated stylus deposits that come from organics, pollution, dust, pets and fingers. A dirty stylus changes music into noise, wears faster, and tracks poorly. To hear your music, not your dust, and to extend the life of your cartridge, keep it clean. Use before each play or whenever you hear noise or distortion from accumulated contamination. The built-in brush is impossible to lose and effective at safely reaching your stylus. Safe for all cartridge assemblies, and each bottle contains enough formula for hundreds of cleanings.

LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner is the most advanced everyday record cleaning solution available. Its safe formula removes dust, dirt, and oil without harming the plasticizers in vinyl and is also completely safe for shellac and styrene. The formula evaporates with no residue so you can use this on every play of every record to cure noisy accumulations.

Application is easy, and only takes 3 drops per record side. LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner comes with two applicators. The applicators have a fine, short nap that reaches into record grooves to efficiently keep your records pristine and create a path of nothing but music for your stylus. As the applicator accumulates dust, it is easy to brush or rinse out for reuse.

“In my tests cleaning a handful of recently purchased, previously uncleaned used LPs revealed not only a notably quieter background and reduced surface noise, but post cleaning, they offered more faithful staging cues, with more correctly sized voices and better-resolved locations, as well as improved overall clarity and resolution. Yeah, this fluid is another winner.”
-Greg Weaver of Positive Feedback, Issue 130

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 2.125 in


  • .25 fl. oz. / 7 ml  bottle of LAST Stylus Cleaner with  in-cap cleaning brush
  • 2 fl. oz. / 60 ml bottle of LAST All-Purpose Record Cleaner
  • Two Microfiber Applicators
  • Vintage Leatherette Box


Instructions for LAST All-Purpose Record Cleanerpdf file

Instructions for LAST Stylus Cleanerpdf file