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How soon can I play a record after using the Stylus Cleaner?

I have a question about usage … after I flip a record and apply the cleaner to the stylus, do I need to wait for it to dry before I drop the needle on side b? If so, how long would you suggest? 

Thanks! I look forward to keeping my stylus clean with your products.  B.K.
Thank you for your query.  If your records are generally pretty clean, it usually is not necessary to clean your stylus after every side.  If you hear any mistracking or distortion, then it is advisable to lift the stylus and give the tip a  cleaning.  At the completion of a side, if you can see anything on the stylus tip, then cleaning is indicated.

There is one additional step that I use which you may find helpful.  At the end of every play/listening session when turning the equipment off and putting things away, I clean the entire stylus assembly (cantilever and tip) to remove any dust and debris that may have attached itself to the stylus assembly.  By doing so, I am starting the next session with a perfectly clean stylus.

As regards to drying time, a minute is more that enough time, I find that I can begin play in about half that time. The contact faces of the stylus tip are running a couple hundred degrees F, during play.  The cleaning process cools them down very quickly, but that heat also helps dry the stylus tip.

Regards – Walter