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Can I use Stylast for reference lacquer discs (acetate)?

Is there any information on using Stylast when playing a reference lacquer discs (acetate)? These discs are only good for a few plays, but perhaps a Stylast treatment might extend that?

Thanks, D. S.

Hello D,  Thank you for your query.  A definitive answer depends on several variables, not all of which are easily determined.  Generally speaking, I think a low mass cartridge/tonearm combination using a highly compliant stylus would be required for more play cycles.  STYLAST would certainly reduce surface wear and stylus friction leading to more plays.  There is a very good possibility that treating the lacquer disc with LAST Record Preservative could also extend the playing life.

BTW, the moving mass/compliance equation is a minefield. There are areas of resonance to be avoided. I suggest contacting Michael Fremer ([email protected]). He is a writer for Stereophile Magazine and a true cartridge guru. He may have some helpful insights.

Best regards, Walter Davies