STYLAST Stylus Treatment


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1/4 oz. STYLAST Stylus Treatment & in-cap cleaning brush

Applying Stylus TreatmentExtend the playing life of your stylus with Stylast Stylus Treatment. Stylast dramatically reduces the friction at the stylus/groove interface, resulting in:

  • Stylus life extension up to 10 times
  • Reduced distortion and improved sonic performance
  • Increased stylus tracking ability
  • Increased stylus suspension life
  • Reduced record wear

STYLAST is not a lubricant and leaves no residue. It is effective throughout the entire play of one side of an LP record. A bottle typically lasts 3-4 years, for average record player users.

How does it work?

Stylus usefulness and lifetime are determined by two characteristics: One is physical wear of the contact faces of the stylus, and the second is the condition of the stylus suspension system. Over time, wear of the contact faces becomes apparent as noise, distortion, and can be seen with microscopic examination. Stylus suspension failure can be of two types: The first is hardening of the elastomeric components, and the other is collapse of the suspension during use. Both of these failure types are addressed by Stylast.
Made in the USAAlthough Stylast is applied to the stylus tip, it does work its way upward along the cantilever section of the stylus.  The suspension has rubber/elastic components, and Stylast absorbs into the material and prevents it from hardening due to age, exposure to dry air, or use of harsh cleaners.
To prevent wear to the stylus, Stylast behaves similar to a gas bearing. As the record plays, Stylast transforms into a gas, which acts like a lubricant and also dissipates heat. Read more about how it works here.

Stylast does not spoil, but keep the cap fastened tightly to prevent evaporation.

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