LAST Stylus Care Combo Kit


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Kit – 1/4 oz. Stylus Cleaner & 1/4 oz. STYLAST Stylus Treatment & 1 in-cap cleaning brush

LAST Stylus Cleaner removes even the toughest deposits, preventing stylus and record groove damage–protecting your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip. It completely cleans the stylus and reduces noise and distortion. It also removes accumulated deposits and particles. LAST Stylus Cleaner is commpletely safe for all cartridge assemblies.

STYLAST Stylus Treatment dramatically reduces the friction at the stylus/groove interface. It extends stylus life up to 10 times. STYLAST increases stylus tracking ability, resulting in reduced distortion and improved sonic performance. Increase your stylus suspension life and reduce record wear by using it before every record play. STYLAST is not a lubricant and leaves no residue. It is effective throughout the entire play of one side of an LP record.

Cleaner and Treatment do not spoil, but keep caps on tightly to prevent evaporation.

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Weight 4 oz