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Should I clean the Stylus Brush after each use?

Apply Stylus Cleaner to the tip of the stylus

I have a question more concerning your product – the STYLUS CLEANER.
I am wondering if I should clean the brush after each use (for ex. with soft tissue, paper, etc) to avoid contamination of the remaining liquid in the bottle? Or it’s not necessary and I can put the brush directly back to the bottle after cleaning the needle?
Thank you in advance. -AM.

Dear A,

Great question! It is advisable to wipe the stylus brush on a lint-free cloth or tissue, to avoid putting the gunk back into the bottle. Not everyone does this, but if you have obvious dirt I would advise it for sure.

Christine McCall and Walter

Note from Jeff – I keep a small artist’s brush next to the turntable and use it to flick any cruft off the stylus brush before returning it to the bottle. I wouldn’t use a tissue since you are likely to pick up lint. We have a very clean bottling process, so it is worth it to keep things that way. This goes for the Stylast stylus brush as well.

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