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Does Stylast work with a Decca london reference cartridge? -R.T.

Hi, I just bought a Decca london reference cartridge and I want to know if last and stylast product is chemically compatible with this card cause my reseller told me it could damage to damping system and dissolve the glue who maintain the diamond. I always use your product on my vinyl and stylus before and never had any damage on my stylus. What is your opinion about that?

Best regards, R.T.

Thank you for your query.

Last Record Preservative and STYLAST Stylus Treatment are unconditionally compatible with your new Decca London cartridge.  Neither of them contain any alcohol (nor any other solvent) that could adversely affect the stylus suspension system, or the internal adhesives employed in the construction of your cartridge.  Among our reference cartridges used for performance and compatibility testing here at The LAST Factory we have a Decca London cartridge with thousands of playback hours that performs as if new.

Please enjoy your records and the exquisite musicality of your new cartridge without worry.

Kind regards, Walter Davies