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How long do I have to wait after applying the Stylus Cleaner? -D.H.

Is it safe to treat the stylus directly before playing a record or should there be an idle period to allow the solution to evaporate? -D.H.

Yes, Stylus Cleaner can (and may) be used prior to playing a record.  In my own system (as well as the test system here at work), I use Stylus Cleaner whenever I hear any mis-tracking or distortion during record play.  At the end of a listening session, I always use Stylus Cleaner so the next session begins with a completely clean stylus.  At any time, if I see a ball of fuzzy or fluffy powder on the stylus, I’ll stop play, lift the tone arm to its rest position, and clean the stylus.

Wishing you the very best from your music system,

Walter Davies