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My stylus cleaner is cloudy. Has it gone bad?

My current bottle has gone quite cloudy after about 4 months use. How often should I renew the bottle? Thanks, D.H.

The cloudiness is caused because during the process of cleaning the stylus, debris has been transferred from the stylus into the bottle of cleaner.  I suggest that the fluid can be safely filtered through a small cone of coffee filter paper and placed back into the bottle.  In addition, I would advise wiping the brush bristles on a soft piece of paper towel or tissue to remove any debris or contaminants from the brush before placing it back into the bottle.
The cleaning solution is sufficient for many hundreds of cleaning operations.  The steps outlined above should allow you to realize the maximum number of cleaning operations before needing a new bottle.

Thank you for your comments and questions.  Wishing you the very best from your music system,

Walter Davies