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I can’t see wetness on the vinyl. Is the preservative really applying? -J.T.

How much time do you have to apply to the one side?  I fill the applicator brush with one tube of fluid then go around in one direction fairly quickly, then go back in the opposite direction.  Should I reverse direction or just go the once, or twice around.  I do not see any trace of fluid on the vinyl once I have the first 1/4 turn.
Regards, J.T.
The fluid trace that you observe is merely the carrier for the active ingredients.  Personally,  I place the measured amount on the applicator brush, then go around the record twice.  I move the applicator opposite to the rotational direction of travel of the record. 

Though you only see a track of “wetness” for a quarter turn or so, the applicator is continuing to apply treatment to the entire surface.  Because the dynamic drives toward an equi-potential condition, the treatment will distribute itself, at a microscopic level, toward a uniformly treated surface.

Enjoy your music, Walter