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How long does the preservative take to “cure”? -J.T.

Good morning.  I am embarking on cleaning a bunch of vinyl albums.  In regards to the use of your LAST Preservative, how long does it take this chemical to react to one side before I can apply to the second side?  I am applying the Preservative with the album in a flat position so need to turn over from side to side.

Thank you for your help.

Regards, J.T.

The chemical dynamics of LAST Record Preservative are such that the treatment attempts to create an equi-potential surface on the treated side of the record.  Therefore, the treatment is not easily transferred to the surface it is resting on.

On completing the application process on one side, you may turn the record over and begin working on the other side.  No meaningful waiting time is needed once you see that the carrier fluid has evaporated.

Thank you for your message and query.

Regards, Walter Davies. The LAST Factory