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I have a Thorens TD550, TP125, Dynavector MK11-2 cartridge setup – can I use the stylus products on it?

Dear Walter,  thank you for your kind return e-mail. I have just purchased a Thorens TD550 with a TP125 (DaVinci) arm and a Dynavector MK11-2 cartridge.  I wanted to make sure that I was not harming my new needle.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Regards, J.T.

You have assembled an extraordinary playback system.  I think that you have many, many years of listening pleasure ahead of you.

The shelf life of LAST products is decades long.  As long as the bottles are kept (just) finger tight, the contents will remain and perform as new.

Walter Davies

Thank you, yes, it sounds fantastic.  When I am listening I wonder how it could sound any better. I have Naim equipment and KEF 201/2 speakers with a JL e-112 sub. Are you familiar with the Thorens TD550?        —Regards, J.T.

Not familiar with the TD550.  My very first high performance turntable was a Thorens (can’t remember the model) combination belt & idler drive paired with a Grado wooden single pivot tone arm.  That was replaced (years later) with a Thorens TD 125 with an SME 3009 arm.  That unit still performs beautifully in our living room.  I am using a German made Raven TT with a Tri-Planar arm in my studio where much of my non-at-work time is spent.

I think that you and I place an emphasis on the Beauty and delivery of the emotional content of a musical performance. 

All the very Best in your enjoyment of your music library,

Walter Davies