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Do your products work with Edison Victrola ceramic cylinders?

Victrola Ceramic Cylinders
Victrola Ceramic Cylinders

I have an old 1918 mechanical Edison Victrola.  It has ceramic cylinders with (I think) a wax recording media on the outside.  I am not sure of the recording media, you probably know what it really is.  Do you have a product to use on these cylinders? 

Best wishes, J.M. 

Hello J,

Here at the company we have two Edison Cylinders.  One is a Blue Amberol, the other consists of a dense, hard brown wax.  The Amberol may be an early form of a polymer plastic.  With your cylinders, I would apply some of the STYLAST Stylus Treatment to one of the applicators and then apply that to the cylinder.  I recommend this rather than the Record Preservative because of differences in the material and the tracking force of the mechanical playback needle.  The cylinders are much stiffer and more brittle than the vinyl composition used in LP records.  And  the playback chain is entirely mechanical and uses considerably higher tracking force to keep the needle extracting the modulated information from the groove.

Best regards, Walter