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Does LAST Preservative work on styrene records?

Hi, I use Last Record Preservative on all my vinyl,  does the preservative also work on styrene records as a protection & can it change the sonic properties of styrene ? thanks… S.Y.
The short answer is: Yes, LAST Record Preservative does have some protective properties when applied to styrene records.  Styrene is substantially stiffer and more brittle than the type of vinyl used in records.  There are protective and sonic benefits in using Record Preservative on Styrene records.  The treatment penetrates vinyl to a depth of ~ 20 molecular layers which helps to dampen and distribute the high pressure wave (caused by the stylus) as it passes through the vinyl.  The treatment does not penetrate nearly as deeply into styrene, therefore does not provide the long life protection experienced with vinyl.  I estimate that a styrene record should be retreated every ~ 40 plays to achieve maximum lifetime.
The sonic benefit is realized because use of the treatment reduces both surface noise and related distortion.  Because the styrene is more brittle than vinyl, there is a tendency for surface wear to become noticeable much more quickly than with vinyl.  Use of the treatment helps the stylus negotiate the surface of the groove more successfully, thereby reducing noise, distortion and wear factors, while improving the tracking of highly modulated sections of the record.
Thank  you for asking, hope this helps,
Walter Davies