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How do I apply tape preservative to my vhs video tapes? -G.G.

How I can apply LAST Tape Preservative on tape cassettes and vhs-video tapes?
Yours sincerly, G.G.

At one time the firm “Radio Shack” sold an inexpensive, manually operated,  cassette winding mechanism.  While Radio Shack is ending operations, it may be possible to check with any outlets that may be in your area.  They might have an odd item laying around.

In my own case, I took a portable, battery operated, cassette player and removed the head assembly.  This left a transport device that allowed smooth, consistent tape transport past a ball of felt that could be saturated with Tape Preservative.  The felt was held by a small fixture about the size of a play/record head used on the original machine.  In reality, the fixture acted as a small cup holding the felt ball in place.

Regarding VHS Video Tapes: there have been a number of devices designed for VHS tape cleaning and/or de-gaussing/erasure.  The units used for tape cleaning were especially useful because they had a reservoir that fed felt pads that were pressed against the tape while it was being spooled from one hub to the other for tape cleaning purposes.  It might be possible to find such a device on the Amazon” website, under the description of VHS Tape Winder/Cleaner (or similar description).  It might be productive to see if any Audio or Video Stores in your area (especially any that have used equipment) have any of these devices.

I hope this is helpful. With very best regards, Walter Davies