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Will the Audio Deske Cleaner remove preservative from my records? -F.F.

I’m using the stylus cleaner and preservative.  My question is to the Perservative, I clean my records with an Audio Deske Cleaner-does this remove the preservative?  Need to know, since I’ve spend $$ on both these.

Thanks, F.F.

The Audio Deske Cleaner is probably the very best record cleaner available.  The Ultrasonic cleaning process does an absolutely superb job on cleaning both surfaces of a record.  That said, LAST Record Preservative is absorbed into the surface of a record to a depth of 10 – 20 molecular layers.  Therefore the preservation treatment is not removed by using the Audio Deske.
The application of the amount of treatment (as written in the instructions) amounts to .33 ml, which is just the amount needed for one side of a record.  Therefore, repeating the instructions for the second side is required for proper treatment of both sides of a record.
Best regards and good listening,
Walter Davies