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What is the difference between LAST Tape preservative and Tape Head treatment? -J.F.

Is LAST “Tape Preservative” the same thing as LAST “Tape Head Treatment”?.  I understand that the “Tape Head Treatment” is applied to machine surfaces.  Is the “Tape Preservative” applied to the tape itself?  -J.F.

LAST Tape Preservative is supplied with Applicator Wands which are used to apply the preservation treatment to the tape itself. The Tape Preservative treats the tape so that air-borne moisture (humidity) cannot penetrate into the binder matrix.  When that occurs, the tape binder begins to break down leading to degradation of the binder, loss of oxide, and problems caused by build-up of oxide and binder on the leading edges of the heads and tape guides.

LAST Tape Head Treatment is applied to the heads and guides of the tape transport.  The Tape Head Treatment helps ensure smooth continuous movement of the tape through the machine thereby eliminating “stick slip distortion” of the information, and/or tape squeal.  Either of which can make a tape un-listenable.

Thank you for your query, Walter