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Can the Power Cleaner work on my camera sensor and CD laser lens? -H.

I still have the very first original LAST Powercleaner for Records, about 1 OZ left in the bottle. I know this was made with CFCs but it is just an amazing cleaner, I used it also for cleaning laser lenses of CD Players.

Now I wondered, could I used it as well to clean the sensor of a digital camera (DSLR)? The sensor is anyway protected by a thin glass in front of it.The usual cleaning with alcohol is just not perfect.

I would greatly appreciate if you could give me an answer. -H.

The original Power Cleaner should work perfectly on the thin glass cover of the camera’s sensor.  We suggest using an absolutely clean cotton swab and a trial operation on a thin glass surface (such as a microscope slide) to ensure that there is no residue left by the operation.

Thank  you for your question, best regards, Walter Davies