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The Tai Seng Enterment DVD somes times can’t play! -G.L.

Tai Seng has been producing Hong Kong TVB DVD for years and I have been collecting them for years except this last ones – Disc 3 & 4 can’t play at all. Now Tai Seng has been closed. I have no recourse and hope for the best. The DVD has the NTSC for US market and jet one DVD has been compress to 5 episodes.

Please  help. -G.L.

Please use your computer to Google (Tai Seng DVD Club) and (Tai Seng Entertainment DVD/Video).  There are hundreds of listings of vendors selling Tai Seng DVDs of Movies, Chinese Opera, Videos, etc.  The listings include Amazon.

One of these firms that supply TVB DVDs has to be able to replace your defective discs.  There is a huge market for these products, and they are still being manufactured and sold by several Companies.  There is a Distribution Center listed as being in So. San Francisco, at 170 So. Spruce Street, Ste 200. Tel: 650 871-2790  Try calling them for help.

That is all the information that I have, Good Luck! -Walter