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Cleaning vinyl – is using Power Cleaner followed by an alcohol-based cleaner overkill? -T.L.

I’m getting back into vinyl after a hiatus.  I used the LAST Power Cleaner (PC) and Record Preservative (RP) with good results in the past, and I’m considering returning.  I’ve lately been using AIVS enzyme-based solutions, and I’m finding that they don’t clean as well as the Last products, per my dim memory.

In the past, I used the PC, followed by an alcohol based cleaner, followed by your RP.  This on a VPI RCM.

Is following the PC with an alcohol-based solution over-kill?  Or following the PC with your record cleaning solution overkill?  Should I follow-up either with a distilled water clean prior to applying the preservative?

I’m inclined to use the Power Cleaner on used vinyl as well – assuming that it’s a more powerful cleaner than the RCM fluid.
Thanks for your help. T.L.

LAST Power Cleaner (PC) was initially designed for deep cleaning on brand new recordings.  After the pressing operation is completed, the finished record surface has pressing residues and mold release agent still on the surface.  LAST Power Cleaner uses solvent and mechanical action to break loose and remove these residues.

Many music lovers have reported that PC is helpful in the cleaning of used and previously played records as well.  This is probably because many used records have been cleaned or “treated” with compounds in the past that are still on the surface.  My personal practice is to clean new and used records with PC just prior to cleaning on a record cleaning machine.  This process will deep-clean the record and leave it in a pristine and ultra clean state ready for the application of the LAST Record Preservative.  PC is different than an alcohol-based cleaning machine fluid.  It is designed to remove compounds that are not very soluble in an alcohol-based formulation.

After the foregoing, any cleaning to remove an errant finger-print or air-born dust can be quickly accomplished with LAST All-Purpose Record Cleaner (or similar cleaner) that leaves no residue.

Thank you for your questions and interest.  Best of luck in your search for beautiful music! -Walter