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Does the Power Cleaner remove the release agent on old well-used vinyl? -M.I.

Hi, can you advise if Last Power Cleaner removes release agent that is still present on old, well used records. Regards M.I.

Yes, Power Cleaner is able to remove mold release from older, well used records – IF there is any left on the stylus contact surface of the groove walls.  The very process of playing a record (especially using a hyper elliptical or line contact stylus profile) removes mold release compound from the groove walls.  The issue becomes more complicated depending on the quality of cleaning applied to a record during its lifetime.  A record that has not received routine cleaning when needed, may have dust and debris that has been “trapped” by mold release and subsequently pounded into small nooks and crannies on the groove surface.  That, can obviously lead to noise and distortion during playback.  Power Cleaner can help loosen, release, and remove such contamination from the surface of a record.

Best regards, Walter Davies