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The LAST Stand – A Platform for Cleaning Records

The Last Stand - how to make your own vinyl record platform for cleaning

Pro-Tip: keep your records safe and dust-free by elevating it during cleaning

This video shows how to clean vinyl records on the LAST Stand. One of the problems of cleaning a record is that after you clean one side, you must flip the record and set it down on a surface to clean the other side. Meanwhile, that annoying stray speck of dirt or dust on your record jacket or towel will get stuck to the “clean” side of your record. A good solution is to use The LAST Stand. This device elevates your record so that nothing will touch the grooves after you’ve cleaned them.

Using The Last Stand to Clean Vinyl Records

DIY – Make The LAST Stand Yourself

You can make the stand for your own use. All you need is a trip to the home improvement store for about $10.00 worth of parts, and you’ll have what you need to drill and assemble the stand. A drill press makes it much easier, and while most steps are straightforward, pressing the pin in place may require some fiddling. We now use an arbor press (not shown in the video). You may see some other refinements (please, let us know!) and if you have questions shoot us an email.  Watch the video tutorial here.