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For over 40 years The LAST Factory has been the most trusted maker of cleaners and preservatives for audio media. Our products clean and preserve records, styli, magnetic tape and CDs/DVDs. LAST preservation fluids provide protection from damage both by wear and deterioration. Combined with LAST Factory cleaners, they provide a complete audio treatment family. The LAST Factory is unique in the industry in providing scientifically-developed record, stylus and tape preservatives. Treat them and keep them forever.

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NEW: The Cassette Hero Tape Applicator – A cool new tool for tape cassettes for that restoration project you resolved to do this year!

The Cassette-Hero mounts the tape cassette to easily apply a liquid treatmentIntroducing the new Cassette Hero Tape Applicator tool, for quickly applying Tape Preservative to the entire length of those fidgety cassettes! Now our Tape Preservative is not just for reel-to-reel tapes. This gizmo, developed in-house, allows you to easily apply the preservative fluid to the entire tape. The pipette holds the fluid, which slowly drains to the foam swab. The 3D printed mount is specialized to hold everything at just the right angle to gently touch the magnetic tape. Watch it in action on our video. We show two methods to access and wind the magnetic tape to expose the surface to the swab.

For those who like to DIY, we also have the 3D print files for the Cassette Hero. Print it yourself, or order the pre-printed kit which comes with the pipette and swabs and red thumbscrew.

Watch The Cassette Hero Tape Applicator in action


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