Cassette Hero Tape Applicator (3D Print Files)


Do you have some imperfect or valuable cassettes you want to rescue or preserve? LAST presents the first tool for applying preservative treatment to cassette tapes. Now tape preservation is not just for reel-to-reel tapes. LAST Tape Preservative lowers head friction, eliminates squeals and extends tape life even in adverse environments. Your tape sounds better today and will sound just as good for decades.

You can DIY with a 3D print from our file, or buy the kit already made up and ready to use (Buy Cassette Hero Kit here).  Watch our video to see how it is done. You supply the tape winder (we suggest how) and start preserving your tapes!


For years, reel-to-reel tape users have been benefiting from LAST Tape Preservative to treat SSS (Sticky Shed Syndrome), prevent hydrolysis and extend tape life, but until now there has not been a simple way to apply LAST Tape Preservative to Cassettes. Our Cassette Hero makes this just as easy, maybe easier, for Cassettes. You will need a cassette tape winder that gives access to the tape surface while winding. Our How-To video on the Usage tab shows examples we use. It works with manual and powered winders – we made our powered unit by stripping a cheap thrift-store cassette player. You can either download the Cassette Hero 3D print file and print it yourself, or get the printed part and accessories together in our kit.

You get both the .stp and the .stl file. The .stp file (AKA .step or STEP file) is a design file you can modify in most CAD tools. The .stl file is the direct input to your slicer software. We use free Ultimaker Cura with the Dynamic Quality (.16mm) settings for our Creality Ender-3 Pro. Do not print with supports. It takes about 90 minutes and we print in PLA. It isn’t highly sensitive to anything, but you may need to do a bit of clean-up with a sharp knife. There are two small unsupported overhangs that you should not need to clean up and they will fit fine.

Being a digital download for a project that you will complete, we can’t guarantee results, but we believe you will have no trouble with it and we are happy to answer questions. The $5 charge isn’t much but makes our mechanical designer feel appreciated.

Upon purchase, a link to the Cassette Hero 3D print files will appear on the order confirmation screen, as well as in your “Order Complete” email.


Readme (PDF)

.stl and .step files, zipped


This is a virtual, downloadable product. Upon purchase, links to the files will appear on the Order Received page. Call us if you have problems and we’ll help you out.