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Does Tape Head Treatment damage audio reels?

Treating a Tape HeadHello Walter, We have been using LAST Tape Head Treatment on some audio ¼ inch reels and finding some better results. Some of our customers are conservators, and they have questions. Has any testing has been done to determine if it has any long-term detrimental effect to the tapes?  Does Tape Head Treatment damage audio reels over the long term? Do you know if any testing has occurred? 

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Yes, extensive testing was done during the R&D process (leading to the creation of LAST Tape Head Treatment and LAST Magnetic Tape Preservative), that documents the effectiveness and safety in the use of the two products.  Thirty years of subsequent use and testing support the same conclusions.  There is no detrimental or negative effect on the integrity of the tape, nor the information contained therein.
Attached are two links that I hope will provide some useful information.  The Journal Article is a research paper that has more to do with the manufacturing processes used in magnetic media.  It does not address issues regarding LAST Tape Head Treatment.

I hope these are helpful!
Regards, Walter D. @ LAST