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Can I use RCM fluid in my Spin Clean record washer MKII?

Would it be worth using the RCM fluid in my Spin Clean record washer MKII?   -R. R.

Dear Mr. R,

LAST RCM Fluid is designed to be used in a vacuum operated record cleaning machine. As such, the intent is that the cleaner removes contamination from the surface of a record and holds it in suspension until the cleaning solution (along with the contamination) has been sucked away.

The Spin Clean Instructions tell the user to remove the record after the cleaning cycle, and dry it. With the use of LAST RCM Fluid, I think a more successful procedure would be to apply a rinse using Distilled water, then drying with the selected towels. I wouldn’t want the “bath water” to become too contaminated.

Best regards,

Walter Davies