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Will LAST Preservative work with “Super Vinyl” records?

Hello, I recently purchased a couple releases from Mobile Fidelity that is pressed on their “Super Vinyl”. I usually treat my audiophile records with Last Record Preservative.  But I want to make sure it’s safe to use on a record made from this material. I emailed MoFi, but then it occurred to me that you would probably know better.  Thanks! -N.

Great question! Even though there are some places where MoFi is a competitor of ours, we think they do great work and make excellent vinyl. The Super Vinyl is still vinyl but has some formulation improvements. The one they talk about is the removal of carbon (“lamp black”) which is basically just a colorant. Beyond that, each press uses their own proprietary vinyl blend to try to balance all the requirements of low noise, durability, cost, and ease to press. Super Vinyl is one in a history of various manufacturer’s special formulations, and they are all small tweaks (chemically speaking) on the basic vinyl blend.

Which is a long way of saying that yes, we are fully safe and compatible, as well as beneficial, for Super Vinyl. The Preservative has a very high affinity for the vinyl polymer matrix and quickly diffuses in. There is no solvent or reactive component at all – the preservative is fully inert to the vinyl.

-Best Regards, Jeff