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Does LAST Record Preservative work on both used and brand-new records?

Hi Walter, I’ve only just discovered your Record Preservation formula and hoping you could answer a question for me: Can LAST Record Preservative be applied to used records or only brand new with no plays? If it can be used on used records do they need to be cleaned first? What cleaning solution would you recommend?

Thanks in advance, C.

Yes, LAST Record Preservative can be effectively used on used and new records.  Used and previously played records should be thoroughly cleaned prior to treatment.
Thank you for your query,
Walter Davies

Thank you for the swift reply… I see you have two different types of record cleaning solution. I’ve only started my record collecting a couple of years ago and haven’t had the chance to play any until earlier this year so most of my records only have a couple of plays on them. Would you recommend the power cleaner or the all-purpose cleaner?
Thanks again and safe travels, C.

If most of your new collection consists of brand new records, LAST Power Cleaner would be a very good and useful starting cleaner.  If many have been previously played, or have accumulated some play time on your new turntable, Our All-Purpose Record Cleaner would probably be the most useful and economically provident place to start a cleaning regimen.

LAST Power Cleaner was designed to remove the pressing residues and internal lubricants used in the manufacturing process.  These are left on the surface of brand new records and are not removed before packaging.  After several play operations, much of that material has been scraped away by the passage of the stylus tip.  However, even after it has been loosened from the groove wall, it may be lying along the stylus path leading to increased noise, distortion, and eventually wear.

LAST All-Purpose Record Cleaner is designed to remove debris, residual contamination, aerosols, fingerprints, etc. from the surface of records.  In use, only 3 drops of cleaning solution is applied to the applicator per record side. Our cleaner is safe and effective for years of cleaning operations.

I hope this (wordy) note is helpful.  We are wishing you many years of pleasure when playing your collection of recorded music.

Best regards, Walter