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On an OLD vinyl record, do I have to use both the power cleaner and all-purpose cleaner? -D.G.B.

If I come across an old vinyl record that was not initially cleaned with LAST Power Cleaner, how should I proceed?

Do I need to use both LAST Power Cleaner and LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner?

Can I use either one alone?

Thank You, D.G.B.

LAST Power Cleaner was designed to deep clean and remove the residues left from the pressing/manufacturing process in the creation of new records.  In the case of older and previously played vinyl records, the cleaning process needed is usually accomplished with the LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner. 

Any pressing residues have long since been removed in the process of playing the record.If a record of interest is heavily soiled with dust and dirt, we recommend a pre-cleaning step with mildly soapy water and a simple 3″ wide natural bristle, clean, paint brush. 

Apply the soapy solution to the record (moving in a counter clockwise direction) using the brush.  Repeat on the other side of the record, then rinse with clear, barely warm water. 

Place on a drying rack until most of the rinse water has dripped off, then use the All-Purpose Cleaner to achieve a deeply cleaned record surface.

Technically, you could use either one alone.  In the interest of economy, use of the All-Purpose Cleaner will provide a very clean playing surface on older records.

Thank you for your query, Walter Davies