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How stable is Vinyl over the long term – I mean really long? -M.

If I may, I have a question about Record Preservative I have treated the records I play often with. Would you recommend treating records that I don’t play or play very rarely for the purpose of preserving them as an archive. In other words, could the Preservative help prevent the deterioration of vinyl with time?
Regards, M.
Vinyl records by them selves are incredibly stable and will perform without deterioration for multiple decades.  They are probably the longest lived, most stable media available to the general market.  It is the process of playing those records that creates the conditions wherein wear ( distortion, noise, ticks and pops) begins to make itself apparent. 

A coequal component is making certain that the record are scrupulously clean when played.

If a record is rarely or hardly ever played, treatment with Record Preservative may not be cost effective.  On the other hand, any record that is rare, expensive, limited edition, or difficult to replace, should be treated with Preservative.  Why, because the cost of replacing that record can be vastly more expensive when compared with the modest cost of treatment with Preservative.

! hope this information is helpful!  Regards, Walter @ LAST