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My Last bottles froze – are they still good?

Record Cleaners and PreservativesMy last bottles froze – are they still good?  Help!

Just a quick question! Was in the middle of a move and some of my last factory products were stored in the cold for 2 months or so. Are the below still okay to use or do they really need to be stored at room temperature? Didn’t know if it would have any negative effects and wanted to check before applying to my collection.

Record Preservative
Power Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner

Cheers! Hope Christmas treats you well!  -J

Dear J,

All three products are safe and as effective when new, before the spell of cold storage. Record Preservative and Power Cleaner will not freeze until temperatures would fall below 0 degrees F. If they did freeze, they would return to pre-freeze condition upon melting. If kept at low 20 degrees F., Record Cleaner could freeze – but it would return to regular condition upon melting.

All three can be used safely on your recordings.

Thank you for your question, and thank you for using LAST to clean and preserve your recorded music!

Best regards,

Walter Davies
The LAST Factory