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Is LAST Record Cleaner compatible with a vintage Parastat record cleaner?

Question from a customer. Will the LAST Record Cleaner be fine to use with his vintage Parastat record cleaner?   -D.S.

Dear D.S.,

Vintage Parastat Record Cleaner
Vintage Parastat Record Cleaners can be found on ebay.

LAST Record Cleaner fluid will be fine to use with the customer’s Parastat record cleaner (Applicator).  The major problem with the Parastat has to do with its black color.  Over time, the Parastat can become thoroughly contaminated without the user being aware of the problem.  This is why we use white and light yellow velvet in the design and production of our Cleaner and Preservation kits.  That level of awareness becomes greatly more difficult due to the dark color of the Parastat.

Thanks for asking the question.  If it comes up again, perhaps a drop of cleaner on the Parastat rubbed across a clean glass surface might be revealing.

All the very best,

Walter Davies

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