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What is this white sticker on my album?

Hi Walter,
album with white sticker on labelI have a question regarding and Eartha Kitt record. It has white tape on the sleeve covering the record labels and in the center of the record. Could you tell me why this would be done? The people that owned this record new Eartha Kitt very well.
Thanks, BP

Dear Mr. P,

The precise size and placement of the white cover on both the record and sleeve is something I have seen only a few times. The white coverings are frequently found on records used in (small) radio stations (think College Campus), Music Departments, and Libraries, for notes to the disc jockey or Librarian. Notice the precise placement on the record label – they have carefully not covered the play list or contents. The goal was to convey information about the record or it’s contents to whoever was playing it for a class or study group.

I expect there are other uses, but I can only report on my own experience.

Thanks for asking. Best regards,

Walter Davies