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Red Seal Vinyl LPs: Stylus size matters! -L.W.

“I just purchased my first 45rpm record set ever, an RCA translucent Red Seal classical issue. The performance is 1950’s vintage. From wiki I understand that it is made from a vinyl plastic: “Certain 45 rpm RCA or RCA Victor Red Seal records used red translucent vinyl for extra “Red Seal” effect.” Are you familiar with this type of disc, such that you know your products are safe to use with it? Thank you.” – L.W.

Yes, LAST All-Purpose Record Cleaner and LAST Record Preservative are safe and effective when used on The RCA 45 rpm Red Seal Records.  However, those records will not sound or perform at their best if played with a current model phono cartridge equipped with current practice stylus assembly designed for Stereophonic recordings.

The 45 rpm Red Seal records from that era were monaural recordings and used a stylus tip that was significantly larger than today’s stylii designed for stereo records.  Because the groove was wider than current practice, a contemporary stylus assembly would likely travel at the very bottom of the groove, generating a considerable amount of noise and distortion.

Sincerely, Walter Davies