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Is there an anti-static brush I can use on vinyl records?

Applicators for vinyl record cleaners and preservatives
LAST Applicators for vinyl record cleaners and preservatives

Hi Walter, Do you only suggest using your white applicators wet, or can they be used dry as well? Do they help at all with anti static? If not, what do you suggest for an anti-static brush?

Thanks! – J.L.

Dear Mr. L.,

When used with any of our cleaning or preservation products, the applicator will exhibit dampness or some wetness. As such, they can help to reduce (or control) a static charge on a record. The brush however, is not providing any beneficial effect, the control of any static is accomplished by the cleaner/preservative being used at the moment. The use of the brush dry, can make a static charge condition even worse.

There are several anti-static brushes on the market that use carbon fiber bristles. The bristles are conductive and bring about a neutral static state very quickly. The one I use was made by “Hunt” in the U.K., but there are several.

Thanks for asking,

Walter Davies
The LAST Factory

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