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How to clean mold or mildew on vinyl record jackets?

Dear Walter, I have a problem. I kept my vinyl records in my basement and they have some water damage. There is mold or mildew on the jackets. Can I clean it off? What should I do? How do I get rid of mildew on vinyl record jackets?

Dear Mr. R,

Oh dear, that is definitely a problem. You must act and remove the vinyl record from the damaged jacket and sleeve. Mold and mildew EAT vinyl records, leaving them pitted and noisy. Separate the records and store them in new jackets and sleeves. Music Direct has a good selection of these. If you want to sell your records in the future, you can keep the original jackets, but keep them apart and do not put the record inside when you sell it.

We wish you the best of luck in preserving your collection. For future storage, you can also look into using Damp Gone, sold by Rutland. These crystals absorb moisture and can be inserted into the sealed containers you store your records in.

Christine and Walter