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Should I wash a brand new album first? -J.S.

Your vinyl preservative is incredible. It brings a record alive. I have used it for years. I now want to make sure if a couple of things.

When I purchase a brand new album should I wash it with my VPI record washer first and then perform the Last cleaning and preservative treatment or not?
And once the tge preservation has been done  is it OK to wash the record to remove dust and do on each time I play it or is that going to destroy my last treatment somehow ?
Thanks for your help. J.S.

Thank you for your testament. 

The VPI record washer is such a fine and effective device that I will suggest the following process:

  1. Clean with the VPI (both sides)
  2. Apply the LAST Record Preservative
  3. For Light cleaning (air borne dust, finger prints, etc.)  use LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner when needed.
  4. Heavy cleaning (if needed) clean with the VPI.

Once the record has been treated with the Preservative, you can clean with LAST or the VPI without reducing the effectiveness of the Preservation treatment.  The preservative is absorbed into the surface of the vinyl and is not removed by successive or repeated cleaning operations.  In general once a record has been deep cleaned and treated with preservative, only light cleaning is (usually) necessary.

Enjoy your collection of music! Regards, Walter Davies