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How many records can I treat with the cleaner and preservative? -R.C.

How many records can I clean with the 3/4 oz power cleaner and preservative bottles? Thanks R.C.

Thank you for your inquiry and also for your phone call.  Most users report that they can deep clean 85 – 90 brand new records (both sides) with the 3/4 oz Power Cleaner.
The cleaning function is a manual process.
A 2 oz. bottle of Record Preservative can treat the same number of records 85 – 90 (both sides).

A 2 oz. bottle of All-Purpose Record Cleaner will clean ~ 240 – 250 records (both sides) and is a manual cleaning operation.

The RCM Fluid is formulated to be used in Vacuum Operated Record Cleaning Machine where the surface of a record is flooded with cleaning solution, then scrubbed and vacuumed.  It is not designed for manual operation.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Best regards, Walter Davies