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How many records can I treat with the Power Cleaner and Record Preservative?

How many records can I treat with the Power Cleaner? And how many with the Record Preservative? Thanks, R.C.

Thank you for your inquiry and also for your phone call.  Most users report that they can deep clean 85 – 90 brand new records (both sides) with the 3/4 oz Power Cleaner.
The cleaning function is a manual process.

A 2 oz. bottle of Record Preservative can treat the same number of records 85 – 90 (both sides).

A 2 oz. bottle of All-Purpose Record Cleaner will clean ~ 240 – 250 records (both sides) and is a manual cleaning operation.

The RCM Fluid is formulated to be used in Vacuum Operated Record Cleaning Machine where the surface of a record is flooded with cleaning solution, then scrubbed and vacuumed.  It is not designed for manual operation.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Best regards, Walter Davies