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How long will the cleaning applicators last? Can they be cleaned? -C.

Can you please tell me how long (in LP’s approx.) an applicator is good for?  I purchased the Power Cleaner and Preservative kit which came with the 4 applicators.  I was considering investing in the 10 pk of applicators but would like to know your thoughts on the length of time they will last effectively.  Thanks C.

The life of any applicator is usually a function of the condition of the records.  If the applicators become dirty they can be easily cleaned.  And then again used for additional cleaning and application of the Preservative Treatment.  A 2oz. bottle of preservative will treat approximately 90 records (both sides).  The bottle of Power Cleaner can deep clean at least that many records (probably more).  A set of applicators included in a kit will normally last for the entirety of the cleaner/treatment fluids.

If the records have been heavily used without being regularly cleaned, that will create a heavier load on the use of the applicators due to the need for a more active cleaning procedure.  When the applicators can no longer be washed and rinsed clean, then it is time to retire that applicator.

Thank you for your question, Walter Davies