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Does LAST Preservative wash off when I clean my record?

“Does Last Preservative wash off when you clean records with a regular record cleaner? What about an ultrasonic cleaner such as Audiodesk?”   -K.M.

Hello K,

Thank you for your question. While we know that regular record washers do not wash off the Record Preservative, we don’t have as much data on the ultrasonic cleaners. Since the Preservative bonds with the vinyl about 12 molecular layers deep, normal record washers will not remove the treatment. Neither will cleaning the record with LAST All-Purpose Record Cleaner, or even LAST Power Cleaner.

However, we don’t have very much data on ultrasonic record cleaners. The ultrasonic action MIGHT wash off some of the Preservative from the surface layer of the vinyl. For that reason, we recommend that as a precaution you give your record a very light re-treatment after cleaning. Do not worry about accidentally over-applying the Preservative, it does not over-apply and any extra just remains on the applicator.

Thanks for writing in. – Christine McCall and Walter Davies