Return Policy

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase from our website, we’re here to help.


We guarantee satisfaction with our products. If you purchase an item through our website, and it arrives damaged, we will either ship you a replacement or give you a refund.

Returns / Refunds

If you want to return the product for a refund, contact us at (email) info@thelastfactory or (phone) 925-449-9449 so we can generate a return shipping label for you. We will pay the shipping costs.

If you purchased your item through a dealer or third-party website, follow their instructions for processing returns and refunds. We support our dealers, and reimburse them for any returned products.

If you have questions about our products, please send an email or call and we will respond promptly. We also have a substantial FAQ on our website.

With four decades in the audio preserving and cleaning market, we are passionate about getting it right and enabling customers to enjoy their physical media, today and always.