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Does washing or vaccuum cleaning a record remove the preservative? -R.

Hi.  I’m not sure how using  LAST  record cleaner and vacuum systems does not remove the last preservative treatment already on the record.   I’ve used LAST for 30 years. Well done.   -R.

LAST Record Preservative is not removed in the process of washing a record.  That includes cleaning in a vacuum operated Record Cleaning Machine.  The preservation treatment is absorbed into the surface of the vinyl and is not removed when using standard cleaning products or processes. >Our Record Preservative is not soluble in the record cleaning chemistries used in manual, nor vacuum operated cleaning operations.  LAST Record Preservative has an extreme affinity for vinyl, and once in place is very difficult to remove.  Also, once in place on the surface of the record, there is a diffusion process (aided by passage of the stylus along the groove walls) wherein the treatment penetrates from 10 to 15 molecular layers into the surface of the vinyl until an equilibrium is established.

So for standard record cleaning solutions used in either a manual of vacuum machine operation, the integrity of the treatment is not compromised.

I am unable to say the same about the use of ultrasonic cleaners, at this time.  We are still attempting to find and verify testable results.  We do know that all ultrasonic machines are NOT equal, and the results of using them are not consistently the same.

Thanks for asking.  All the very best, Walter Davies