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Can I mix the use of old and new formulations of the record preservative? -D.S.

I have some LPs that was treated with the first generation of Last preservative (the one that was done with Freon) in the ’80

Can I retreat those records with the current Last preservative whitout any harm? It will not make bad chemical reactions to the vinyl?

Many thanks, D.S.

Should it be necessary to retreat your records, there is NO adverse reaction between the first generation Record Preservative and the current product.  The only difference between the two series has to do with the carrier.  The original was Freon TF 113 which was a chlorinated ethane.  The current carrier contains Fluorine and no Chlorine, so it does not have the ozone depleting potential of the previous component.

The two series of preservatives are fully compatible.

Thank you for your query, Walter