LAST Tape Preservative, 2 oz.


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2 oz. LAST Tape Preservative & 4 applicators

Magnetic tape starts to lose data within 8 years and can become totally unreadable within 20 years–eventually the recording is lost forever. LAST Tape Preservative stops the mechanism (binder breakdown) that causes deterioration, while dramatically reducing the friction at the tape/head interface–extending tape life up to 10 times.

LAST Tape Preservative:

  • Significantly reduces data loss from magnetic tape
  • Protects the binder from deterioration by humidity
  • Increases head life
  • Reduces tape wear
  • Reduces tape abrasiveness
  • Improves playback performance
  • Extends tape life by up to 10 times

Note: Your bottle of preservative will not spoil. Our samples from 37 years ago are still good and show no signs of deterioration upon chemical testing.

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