STYLAST Stylus Treatment


1. First clean the stylus thoroughly with LAST®, STYLUS CLEANERApplying Stylus Treatment

2. Uncap the STYLAST™, STYLUS TREATMENT bottle.

3. Using the applicator brush that is built into the cap, gently apply the treatment to the stylus tip. One or two strokes, using a back to front motion is sufficient. Never brush tip/cantilever assembly. It is only necessary to touch the diamond tip gently. Do NOT use any force or pressure on the Stylus tip/cantilever assembly.

4. If there is a build-up of puffy powder on the stylus tip repeat the above application.

5. Recap the STYLAST™ bottle to prevent loss or evaporation

6. The stylus is now ready for playing a record.

7. For best performance and longest stylus life, STYLAST™ should be used prior to every record play.

Note: Please keep STYLAST™ and all other record and stylus care products away from children.