SPECIAL: CD/ DVD Cleaner & Treatment + FREE Digi-LAST CD Shields


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SPECIAL: CD/ DVD Cleaner & Treatment + FREE Digi-LAST CD Shields

Order our CD/DVD Cleaner & Treatment, and receive 20 free Digi-LAST CD Shields. Protect your CDs and DVDs from oxidation damage with these protective film covers. These adhesive-free films use the same technology as phone screen protectors, and can be removed.

CD/DVD Cleaner & Treatment – 1 oz

This exclusive formula cleans dirt and fingerprints, repairs minor scratches, and most importantly, it polishes the surface of the disc, improving the optical quality and allowing for more accurate reading of the data. The same polishing action makes it much more difficult for dirt and fingerprints to stick to the surface.

This 1 oz spray bottle comes with an optical polishing cloth.

Each CD cleaning requires only 1 pump of spray. One bottle can treat up to 200 discs.

Note: Your bottle of cleaner will not spoil. Our samples from 37 years ago are still good and show no signs of deterioration upon chemical testing.


Digi-LAST CD Protective Shields – Package of 20Made in the USA

Let Digi-LAST Protective Shields absorb damage, not your discs. Apply shields to the label side of your CDs or DVDs to protect them from scratches and seal them from oxygen and the deterioration it causes.  

The label side of the CD/DVD is only 1/3 the thickness of a human hair– so thin that any scratch can reach down to the aluminized layer, oxidizing it — causing serious and permanent playback errors. To prevent this type of damage, LAST created Digi-LAST Protective Shields.  Digi-LAST shields are made from a unique film that adheres to the CD/DVD label side without glues or adhesives and never become sticky or gummy. Digi-LAST shields use the same technology as the film that covers mobile phone screens. The film provides long-term protection for your music. The film does not need to be removed before playing the disc.

Note: We do not recommend Digi-Last CD Shields for Autoload CD Players. These types of players have a thin slot that you insert the CD into, about half way. Then the CD player pulls the disc in the rest of the way. These players are found in newer cars, and may not work well with the extra thickness of the CD shield.

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